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Already in 1991 EXTRIBO (since 1999 Ekolube s. r. o.) was established as an exclusively Czech company and the first private company in the Czech Republic engaged in the production and sale of lubricants.

Shortly after its establishment, it was primarily engaged in the production of the domestic PTFE-based Ekolube Motor, used for the treatment of car engines and transmissions against wear. The quality of the product was clearly demonstrated by numerous tests carried out as early as 1992 at the then Military Academy in Brno.

Apart from the PTFE product programme, Ekolube s.r.o. is engaged in the production of a whole range of special lubricants and additivation of some lubricants according to customer requirements, even in very small so-called "test vats". Our exceptional offer includes a special range of lubricants capable of withstanding extreme physical and chemical influences and thus protecting your equipment. This range of lubricants demonstrates our technical skills and the excellent development capabilities we have developed over the years.

In addition, the range of our own products is complemented by a wide range of lubricants from world producers, both in original packaging and detailed packaging. We are an authorized dealer of Klüber Lubrication lubricants. Our company also provides refilling of liquid and grease lubricants in small packages for some large oil companies.

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